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Columbia Society for Human Resource Management

1601 Assembly Street
PO Box 1359
Columbia, SC 29202

Application for Membership

Please make payments out to: Columbia SHRM



I certify that the above application is correct and request approval for membership. If approved, I understand that my contact information will be included in the digital Membership Directory. My signature below also indicates that I agree not to use the Directory to conduct any solicitation of sales of merchandise or services. Unauthorized use or sharing of the Directory is prohibited and would result in loss of membership status.

Columbia SHRM is made up of individual members only.  There are no corporate memberships.  Memberships are individual and are not transferable to other individuals.                                                   

*Must provide National SHRM membership number to be eligible for discount. We encourage all Columbia SHRM Chapter members to join National SHRM.  For more information, call (703) 548-3440 or visit

Membership is subject to approval by the Chapter Membership Chair and/or CSHRM Board. You will be notified if your membership has been approved.  If you have any questions, please contact Kevin DeLoach, Membership Chair, at [email protected]


Professional (Regular) Member

(May vote and hold office in the Chapter)

Membership shall be limited to those who are:

(a) Engaged in the profession of Human Resource Management in an exempt position;

(b) Certified by SHRM or the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI);

(c) Faculty members holding an assistant, associate, or full professor rank in human resource management or any of its specialized functions at an accredited college or university;

(d) Full-time consultants in the field of human resource management;

(e) Full-time attorneys who counsel and advise clients on matters relating to the human resources profession;

(f) Retirees who were active members of the Association at the time of retirement shall retain their memberships.

Associate Member

(May not vote or hold office in the Chapter) 

(a) Individuals in non-exempt Human Resources management positions as well as those individuals who do not meet the general member category, but who demonstrate a bona fide interest in human resource management and the mission of the Chapter. NOTE: Associate members who are owners or managers of businesses that provide human resources related services are limited to one member per business (examples are: employment agencies, temporary employment agencies, relocation services, EAP providers, etc.). Individuals whose primary responsibility is sales are not eligible for membership.

Student Members

(May not vote or hold office in the Chapter) 

(a) Individuals who are enrolled as full-time students in human resource degree programs at the college or university level with an educational institution that has a SHRM-affiliated student chapter.

 Associate Member
 Professional Member
 Student Member